Unforgettable Pony Parties: Celebrate with Joy and Adventure at Our Equestrian Oasis! Excusive Birthday events

Dreamy Pony Parties for All Ages: A Magical Two-Hour Celebration with Ponies, Costumes, and More! We offer Our team consists of horses and dogs. We provide birthday parties, lessons and camps. Join us for all the fun.


We offer Pony Parties for all ages. The party is two hours long with four ponies, costumes, a small bounce house, painting hooves, grooming, painting / decorating the horses. The Farm Manager will also go over safety as well as tell you about predators and prey. And of course, you’ll get to ride the ponies, learning tricks and loping. Great for birthdays, family functions and reunions. You can choose from a unicorn themed party, cowboy, or pony party.


We have various other animals like the Dogs, cats & more. Apart from the meals we serve, we take your family on a 45 minutes guided animal petting & feeding tour. A small bucket of containing treats for the animals is given to your child and a member of our trained team escorts the picnic group to meet & feed our friendly farm animals – all healthy, vaccinated.. and safe to be around with. You can pet and feed all these animals, sit with the dogs and play with them, feed the big and small horses and chill with our dogs. Thereafter just soak in the lovely farm atmosphere under the shade of the beautiful trees, listening to the birds. Horse rides are available which you can book and pay on actuals.


About hiring a Pony Party
Pony parties consist of pony rides and, may sometimes allow for feeding, petting, and grooming as well. Handlers are always present to provide an educational experience and to ensure the guests’ safety. Be sure to ask your pony party provider in advance what specific interactions are available or allowed if you book their services.

The cost of hiring a pony party company for your event, on average, ranges between Rs1500-Rs2000 an hour per person. But this can vary depending on your region, the number of guests at your event, the number of ponies requested, and the various party packages available. When discussing the details with the professional, pay close attention to what your quote includes, such as the number of ponies provided, their cleanup policy, cancellation terms, and any associated traveling costs. 

Pony parties are great for all ages! However, most ponies do have a maximum weight limit of 75-100 pounds. Also, young children are generally required to have an adult walk alongside them for their safety.
Generally, the only thing you need to have to throw a great pony party is a space for the ponies to walk around. Small yards or driveways are sufficient, and some quiet streets are often permissible as well.
In most cases, pony party companies will have a rescheduling option available if it rains. Read over the booking agreement to ensure their cancellation policy covers your needs in the event of bad weather.


We are a fully-equipped, friendly and active club offering riding lessons that are suitable for riders of all abilities, from complete beginners who have never ridden before up to international competition level. Our training covers dressage, jumping, hacking, with fantastic instructors who enjoy teaching us as much as we like to ride!

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