LEADERSHIP TRAINING WITH HORSES: Learn to communicate effectively, build trust, and foster collaboration within your team

Discover how horses transform your ability to lead and work together

Learn to communicate effectively, build trust, and foster collaboration within your team through interaction with horses at Kings equestrian


When it comes to kicking your leadership up a notch, there’s nothing quite like a power session with horses. By their nature, horses seek out confident, trustworthy leaders.

Horses have a special ability to provide you with a dramatic view of how your leadership skills and team work measure up. Over time, many of us learn to hide feelings and filter reactions in the work place, especially from leaders. A horse, however, will hold up a mirror to your leadership style in ways you simply won’t get from your team or your peers.Horses understand what leaders often forget: every interaction is a conversation.​

The Most Memorable Leadership Coach You’ll Ever Meet

It’s not what you learn about a horse that makes them excellent coaches. It’s what they show you about your leadership that matters.

  • Horses are EQ masters — they respond to our emotional honesty, our trustworthiness, and our ability to create a connection.
  • Horses are nonverbal experts and pick up all of our ‘whole body’ communication. It’s not what you say but how you say and do it that makes a difference.
  • Horses respond to leaders who demonstrate confidence, provide clear direction, and act authentically.
  • Horses don’t have hidden agendas. They don’t play politics. And they could really care less about your title or where you got your MBA.
A team of people and a herd of horses have a lot in common. They both require strong leadership, effective communication, and a keen awareness of the needs and goals of the group.
You’ll experience in the moment discoveries and walk away with leadership competencies that will stay with you long after your session is over




Improve communication clarity and timing and your ability to influence others.



Deepen self‐awareness and learn how to shift ineffective leadership behaviors. Link emotions and energy to purposeful action and fine‐tune how you use them.



Create trust and greater alignment. Develop collective leadership and collaboration skills.



Gain valuable insight into the EQ and its impact on leadership, relationships, and team productivity.



Bring greater focus and clarity to your leadership with practices that help you be more fully present.


Most of our clients have been there, done that, when it comes to leadership development and team building. They’re looking for something different. They’re ready for accelerated learning, transformative insights, and leadership skills that work in any business arena.

We facilitate breakthrough experiences that involve leaders and teams in a variety of fun and challenging encounters with horses that stretch your perspective of what it means to be a leader. We design powerful, effective interactions between people and horses, supported by coaching, personal reflection, and peer feedback.

Thank you for a fun, enjoyable, meaningful and most importantly, enriching learning experience. One of our executives rated it as one of the most memorable approaches to teaching leadership skills in his career at Lilly. Amanda, it was truly a pleasure to work with you and your team. We benefited deeply from this experience. And of course, our thanks to the team of horses for a job well done.


Horses bring out the best in people

Everyone has heard of the Horse Whisperer. Vivek has taken the idea one step beyond by creating a company that uses horses to coach business executives in leadership and professional development.“Horses bring out the best in people, the confidence in people,”. “Horses just seem to be consummate facilitators.”I recently signed up for a coaching session with KingsFarm, I have to admit that I was dubious at first. In preparation, Kings Farm told me to spend some time thinking about what I would like to get out of the session. “The horses show up best when you meet them with a question/curiosity that genuinely pertains to your life,” she said. “It can be anything.”For the past year, I have been working on starting my own content-strategy agency. I didn’t know how horses could help advise on that topic, but Wendorf sent me into the ring while she observed from the sidelines. Though it was intimidating to be on my own with these massive creatures, I was drawn to Blue, who seemed curious about me, too. I tried to strike up a “conversation,” but Blue walked away. My ego was a bit bruised, so I quickly gave up.

In order to be a better leader, you need to be caring

“What most people don’t realize is that the herd, besides being a 55 million year old system, is a matriarchy. It’s not run by the big, tough stallion who has his harem of mares. In fact, that’s an interpretation done by our patriarchal culture. Mostly, it’s the female horses who have the governance and create order in the herd and discipline. So as a model, the herd is a feminine system that is different from our usual system that tends to value rational thought over intuition or manipulation over cooperation,”. The horses give professional women an opportunity to see something modeled that we don’t see out there very much — right use of power and how power can be used for caring and how a caring-based leadership model creates strength in a system and optimal outcomes. So you can care and be a very powerful leader. That’s how the horses lead.

Be authentic

“Horses demonstrate that your energy precedes you,” says Vivek. “So many people walk into a boardroom and they think, ‘I’m really irritated by all these people, but I’m going to show up and they’re never going to know.’ Yes they will — the same way the horse does. If you go out there and you’re not authentic, the horses aren’t going to have anything to do with you.”

Set boundaries

“Women get validated by working with the horses and setting boundaries,” says Wendorf. “Horses are setting boundaries all the time. Using certain forms of strength is actually a way of creating order and care and sustainability inside a system.”

Be strong in order to create well-being

Women find permission inside the horse herd system to be strong and to know that is a good quality and that strength can happen in ways that create well-being for everybody concerned.

Think about the impact you're making

They teach us how we show up with the integrity and honesty that nature requires. They teach us the impact that we’re having when we walk into a space. They teach us about our clarity — whether or not what we say is really what we mean — and the impact we have on others. Ninety-three percent of our communication is non-verbal, and horses really show that.

Open yourself up to new habits

When we feel something in our bodies by engaging with the horses, like what it feels like to walk through the world without an assumption, it resets our inner compass neurologically. So we create new neural pathways of different habits. The horses teach us new habits. You go home and find that you start to do things differently.
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