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Fostering Unity in Excellence: Equestrian Training Across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Beyond

Embark on a Journey with Kings Equestrian: Your Destination for Equestrian Excellence”

An Oasis for Enthusiasts: Kings Equestrian’s 8-Acre Facility near Bengaluru
Discover a sprawling 8-acre haven dedicated to leisure, recreational riding, dressage, and show jumping. Our facility near Bengaluru provides a secure and diverse environment for an enriching horseback riding experience.

Equestrian Inclusivity: Academies in Hyderabad, Pune, and Hosur
Our commitment extends nationwide with additional equestrian academies in Hyderabad, Pune, and Hosur. Kings Equestrian passionately shares the joy of horses and riding, making it accessible to enthusiasts across India.

Comprehensive Commitment: Riding Opportunities, Stabling, Training, and Breeding
Kings Equestrian caters to riders of all levels, offering well-trained horses with quality tack. Whether you seek riding opportunities, stabling, training, or breeding services, our commitment ensures a holistic equestrian experience.

Pony Club Adventures: Camps and Clinics for a Wholesome Riding Experience
Join our Pony Club camps and clinics, designed for a comprehensive riding school experience. We foster a community where riders, both young and old, can learn, grow, and bond with these magnificent animals.

Riding as a Lifestyle: Freedom, Joy, Connection – Living the Equestrian Way
At Kings Equestrian, riding transcends an activity; it becomes a way of life. Experience the freedom, joy, and profound connection with our horses. Each ride is an opportunity to fly, feel, touch, breathe, laugh, soar, overcome, relax, belong, feel strong, heal, love, and be loved back.

Spanning Across India: Bengaluru to Hyderabad, Pune, and Hosur
Situated near Bengaluru, our horse riding facilities span across India, reaching enthusiasts in Hyderabad, Pune, and Hosur. Join our vibrant community, and let our dedicated team welcome you into the world of equestrianism.

Advocates for Equine Welfare: Rescuing and Rehabilitating Racehorses
Beyond riding, Kings Equestrian is passionate about animal welfare. We focus on rescuing abandoned and retired racehorses, providing them with a second chance at a fulfilling life.

Passion with Purpose: Explore Residential Camps, Leadership Programs, and Summer Classes
Join Kings Equestrian for an immersive experience with residential camps, equine-assisted leadership programs, and horse riding summer classes. Every program is designed to blend passion with purpose.

Equine Stable Community: Where Every Ride Has a Greater Purpose
Become a part of our Equine Stable community, where passion meets purpose. Join us for Horseback Riding Residential Camps, Equine-assisted Leadership Programs, Horse Riding Summer Classes, and experience the transformative power of equestrianism.

Beyond a Riding School: Kings Equestrian – A Multifaceted Equestrian Destination
Explore the diverse facets of Kings Equestrian:

    • Equine Therapy Center: Harness the therapeutic power of horses.
    • Riding Academy: Elevate your riding skills with experienced instructors.
    • Equestrian Club: Engage with a community of fellow enthusiasts.
    • Foundation: Contribute to initiatives promoting equestrian welfare.
    • Rescue & Rehabilitation Center: Support our mission of giving horses a second chance.
    • Stable: Find reliable services for your equine companions.
    • Skills India Training Center: Hone your equestrian skills with certified training.
    • EFI & FEI Affiliated Center: Connect with recognized equestrian authorities.
    • Hub for Horsemanship and Leadership Development: Explore programs that go beyond riding skills.

Vivek Varma Kalidindi, Founder and Director

Guiding Vision: Crafting Excellence in Every Endeavor

Vivek Varma Kalidindi: Igniting Passion, Defining Excellence

Embarking on a Remarkable Journey

At the tender age of 8, Vivek Varma Kalidindi ignited his passion for horse riding at Lawrence School, Lovedale. This marked the genesis of a journey that would lead him to become a seasoned equestrian and a dedicated mentor in the dynamic world of horse riding.

Conquering Arenas Across India

Vivek’s journey traversed the length and breadth of India, where he not only participated but excelled in numerous horse shows and national competitions. His prowess in the saddle garnered a collection of prestigious accolades and medals, showcasing his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Specialization: Dressage and Show Jumping Maestro

Specializing in Dressage and Show Jumping, Vivek brings a wealth of experience to his role as a mentor. His adept skills in these disciplines not only make him a confidence-inspiring instructor but also a favorite among both children and adults. Vivek is committed to ensuring that every rider experiences progress, working collaboratively with them to unlock their full potential.

Teaching Philosophy: Creating Harmony in the Saddle

Vivek’s teaching methodology revolves around creating a harmonious partnership between rider and horse. His lessons are meticulously designed to encourage riders to work seamlessly with their horses, fostering a strong bond between the two. Safety and security are paramount as riders embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement.

International Recognition: A Global Ambassador

On the international stage, Vivek Varma Kalidindi proudly represented India, showcasing his prowess in Dressage and Show Jumping. Recognized for his outstanding achievements, he has been sponsored by the Indian government for exclusive training in Australia. This not only honed his skills but also brought valuable insights back to the equestrian community in India.

Beyond Achievements: A Testament to Passion

Beyond his teaching and competitive achievements, Vivek stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of equestrianism. He embodies the dedication and passion that define this noble sport, inspiring riders to pursue excellence and embrace the profound connection between humans and horses. Vivek Varma Kalidindi is not just a mentor; he is a beacon of inspiration for all aspiring equestrians.


Forge a profound connection with a magnificent creature that communicates through silence, imparting lessons in confidence and grace. At Kings Equestrian, horse riding is not just a therapy or sport; it is a journey of self-discovery and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Join us in this transformative experience where the noble art of horsemanship becomes a path to greatness, guided by the silent wisdom of our equine companions.


To continuously enhance our knowledge of equestrian sport and science and make this knowledge available to others by providing a forum where anyone passionate about the sport can come to learn about any aspect of equines


Kings Equestrian aims at helping adults and children, enrich their lives by developing a trusting relationship with the horse they ride. Our vision is to promote equestrian sport and create a facility that will encompass education, training and spread awareness about the sport


To be clear and transparent in all our dealings. Provide an equal learning and growth opportunity to all associated with us. To contribute back to society by sharing knowledge & creating capabilities at the lowest level through training & education

Embark on a Riding Journey at Kings Equestrian

Unveiling the Riding Experience for All

Discover the joy of horse riding at Kings Equestrian, a haven for riders of all levels. From beginners to advanced enthusiasts, our well-trained horses, coupled with quality tack, ensure a delightful experience for every rider. Dive into the thrill of Pony Club camps or enhance your skills with specialized clinics – we cater to riding school clients and livery owners alike.

Riding: A Transformative Way of Life

At Kings Equestrian, we believe in the transformative power of riding. It’s not merely a sport; it’s a way to fly, feel, touch, breathe, laugh, soar, overcome, relax, belong, feel strong, heal, and love. We don’t just ride; we live through the experiences it brings.

Your Haven near Bengaluru

Nestled near vibrant Bengaluru, our 8-acre facility awaits you, surrounded by the serene beauty of the region. Our dedicated team is ready to welcome you to a safe and supportive environment where your passion for horse riding can thrive.

Every Ride, a Step towards Joy

Join us at Kings Equestrian, where every ride is an opportunity to embrace life. Every moment in the saddle becomes a step towards joy, fulfilment, and a deeper connection with these magnificent creatures. Your journey into the world of horse riding begins here.

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