Explore Exciting Equine Careers at Kings Equestrian Club: Grooming, Instruction, Event Management, and More!

Welcome to Kings Equestrian Club, where the beauty of equine sports meets the tranquility of nature. Established in 2016, our club has become a premier destination for horse enthusiasts in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, and Hosur. With a commitment to promoting equine sports and activities, we offer a unique and unforgettable experience for riders of all levels.

A Natural Haven for Horse Enthusiasts: Nestled in serene natural surroundings, Kings Equestrian Club provides a picturesque backdrop for your equestrian adventures. The rhythmic sound of hooves blends with the soothing melody of chattering birds, creating a harmonious environment for both riders and horses.

Diverse Clientele, Diverse Experiences: Catering to a diverse clientele, our club welcomes everyone from serious competitors to weekend riders. We specialize in initiating children of all ages into the world of horsemanship, fostering a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Our seasoned instructors introduce the fundamentals of horsemanship and riding techniques, ensuring a solid foundation for every rider.

Tailored Lessons for Every Rider: Whether you’re a novice or an experienced rider, Kings Equestrian Club is dedicated to enhancing your riding skills. Our knowledgeable trainers offer both private and group lessons (Standard) on a daily basis, providing flexibility to accommodate your schedule. Our lessons cover a spectrum of disciplines, ranging from Dressage to Jumping skills, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Unleash the Equestrian Within: At Kings Equestrian Club, we believe in nurturing a holistic approach to horsemanship. Beyond riding skills, our club emphasizes Horse Grooming Experience, allowing riders to connect with these majestic creatures on a deeper level. Our grooming sessions provide valuable insights into horse care, forging a bond between rider and horse that goes beyond the arena.

Join Us on this Equestrian Journey: Embark on a fulfilling equestrian journey with Kings Equestrian Club. Whether you seek the thrill of competitive riding or the joy of leisurely weekends on horseback, our club offers an inclusive and welcoming space for all. Come, experience the perfect blend of nature, sport, and camaraderie at Kings Equestrian Club – where passion meets the saddle.

Join Our Team at Kings Equestrian Horse Riding School: A Career, Not Just a Job!

Are you passionate about horses and equestrian sports? Kings Equestrian Horse Riding School is expanding its team and is on the lookout for dedicated individuals who share our commitment to delivering top-quality horse show experiences. As one of the fastest-growing organizations in the equine industry, we offer exciting year-round and seasonal employment opportunities for talented individuals.

Why Join Kings Equestrian Horse Riding School:

  1. Dynamic and Growing Organization: Be a part of one of the fastest-growing organizations in the equine industry. Kings Equestrian is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for both exhibitors and spectators, and we are looking for individuals who share our passion for excellence.

  2. Commitment to Quality: We are seeking self-starting individuals committed to delivering top-quality horse show experiences. Your dedication will contribute to the success of our events and the satisfaction of our clients.

  3. Competitive Salaries and Benefits: At Kings Equestrian, we recognize the value of our team members. We offer competitive salaries and a range of benefits to ensure that our employees are well-rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

  4. Passionate Team: Join a team of equine industry professionals who share your passion for horses and equestrian sports. Work in an environment where your enthusiasm is appreciated, and your contributions make a real impact.

Current Job Opening: Horse Riding Coach


  • Conduct riding lessons for individuals of all ages and abilities, offering private, semi-private, and group tuition.
  • Provide stable management and classroom lessons to riding school and Livery clients.
  • Maintain horse equipment and safety gear.
  • Report to senior coaches and the school’s management.

How to Apply: Interested applicants can submit their CV to kfkingsfarm@gmail.com and reference “Horse Coach” in the email subject. Alternatively, you can call us at 8073761621.

Explore Your Equestrian Career: Whether you are already employed in the farming or animal sector or have a keen interest in all things equestrian, Kings Equestrian Horse Riding School offers a range of fulfilling and progressive career opportunities. Whether you’re experienced or looking to enhance your skills through equine courses, a rewarding and enduring career awaits you. Join us on this exciting journey where your love for horses can turn into a fulfilling profession.

Essential Skills for Securing an Equine Job:

  1. Equine Knowledge: A strong understanding of horses, their behavior, anatomy, and health is fundamental. This includes practical knowledge of grooming, feeding, and overall care.

  2. Riding Skills: Depending on the job, proficiency in riding is often a crucial requirement. The ability to handle and ride horses confidently and competently is a valuable skill.

  3. Safety Awareness: Prioritize safety for both yourself and the animals. Familiarity with safety protocols and equipment, as well as the ability to manage potential risks, is crucial.

  4. Communication Skills: Clear communication is vital when working with both horses and fellow equestrian professionals. The ability to convey instructions effectively and collaborate with others is essential.

  5. Organizational Skills: Strong organizational abilities are beneficial, especially if the role involves managing stables, coordinating events, or overseeing daily operations. This includes time management and attention to detail.

  6. Management Skills: If you have agriculture or animal-based qualifications or experience, leverage your organizational and management skills. This includes overseeing staff, managing resources, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the equine facility.

  7. Adaptability: The equine industry can be dynamic, and situations may change rapidly. Being adaptable and quick-thinking in different scenarios is a valuable trait.

  8. Customer Service: For roles involving client interactions, excellent customer service skills are essential. This includes being approachable, understanding client needs, and providing a positive experience.

  9. Problem-Solving Abilities: Horses can be unpredictable, and challenges may arise. The ability to analyze situations and come up with effective solutions is crucial in the equine industry.

  10. Teamwork: Many equine jobs involve working as part of a team. Being a team player, collaborating with colleagues, and contributing to a positive work environment are highly valued.

  11. Continuous Learning: The equine industry evolves, and staying updated on the latest developments, techniques, and best practices showcases your commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

  12. Physical Fitness: Equine jobs often require physical strength and stamina. Maintaining good physical fitness ensures that you can handle the demands of the job effectively.

By highlighting these skills on your resume and during interviews, you’ll increase your chances of securing a fulfilling equine job, especially if you already possess a foundation in agriculture or animal-based qualifications.

Besides the basic skills, a love for horses and an ability to ride are essential, but just as important is attention to detail and a thirst for challenge. You won’t mind the dark, early starts and the long days, or being out in all weathers, even in winter.

Diverse Equine Career Paths Await You:

1. Equine Groom:

  • Duties: Feeding, exercising, mucking out stables, cleaning tack, grooming, and following vet instructions.
  • Lifestyle: Early mornings, late nights, and weekends are common, but many positions offer accommodation and some include free livery for personal horses.
  • Specializations: Various sectors such as showing, polo, hunting, show jumping, and dressage.

2. Riding Instructor:

  • Requirements: Basic education, riding competency, and teaching qualifications from organizations like the British Horse Society or the Association of British Riding Schools.
  • Responsibilities: Teach riding for pleasure, assist advanced riders in competition preparation, assess riders for qualifications, and create training programs.
  • Skills: Excellent communication, ability to enthuse students of all ages.

3. Show Manager:

  • Role: Combine equine expertise with organizational skills for events planning.
  • Entry: Volunteering at shows or completing equine management courses.
  • Skills: Project management, effective communication with judges, volunteers, riders, and the public.
  • Responsibilities: Booking event venues, organizing riders, judges, and volunteers, handling prizes and catering, and creating event programs.

4. Horse Trainer:

  • Qualifications: Typically requires experience as a groom and a license issued by the British Horseracing Authority.
  • Skills: Strong leadership, organizational skills, and completion of specialist training courses.
  • Responsibilities: Managing individual horses’ training and nutrition, preparing for race days, coordinating travel, managing staff, liaising with vets, and communicating with owners.
  • Opportunities: Progression into other specialisms such as breeding or instructing trainers.

5. Equestrian Apprenticeship (Senior Equine Groom Level 3):

  • Overview: Trailblazer Equestrian Apprenticeships designed to provide experience in all aspects of horse care.
  • Areas Covered: Working safely, yard and stable duties, horse anatomy and health, safe handling and grooming, clothing and saddle care, safe transportation of horses, and exercise techniques.

Seize Opportunities in the Dynamic Equine Field: Discover the excitement and fulfillment of a career in the equine industry. With diverse opportunities for growth and specialization, these roles cater to individuals with a passion for horses and a commitment to excellence. Whether you’re starting as an apprentice or aiming for a prestigious career like horse training, the equine world offers a dynamic and rewarding journey.




Equine Groom

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