Kings Equestrian FAQs: Answers to Your Horse Riding Inquiries and More

Get insights, tips, and details on our horse riding experiences, facilities, and services. Your questions answered for a seamless and enjoyable equestrian adventure with Kings Equestrian.

At Kings farm we train children from the age of 4 years. Learning to ride is a lifetime process. That’s part of what makes it fun because we can always learn more and move on to other riding activities. We suggest at-least one lesson a week if not more. This will help the rider make corrections from what he/she had learnt in the last lesson and even the instructor is in sync with the rider’s progress. If you are a beginner and just want to know the basics of riding, we suggest at-least 20 hours to be spent in the saddle under the supervision of our professional instructors. Good and safe horseback riding takes of minimum 50 hours of riding. The speed of learning depends on one’s age, physicality, athleticism and how frequently they are taking the lessons. Lesser gap between two lessons is better

Step 1

WhatsApp us on 8073761621 or 9980771166 or 9945573575 Your Name, Day & Date, Time Slot, Total number of people above 4 years and below

Step 2

We will put you on the list of arrivals and you will receive a WhatsApp confirmation from our team

Step 3

You can pay cash when you arrive or do an advance bank transfer. (Credit card machine not available at the farm).

Correct Riding Gear makes a lot of difference in the riding experience. If you do not have a helmet, then we will provide one. It’s not necessary for the Beginners to buy a new kit. They can wear a stretch material pant with closed toe shoes with long socks. Once you progress and putting more hours on the saddle, you can invest in a Riding Kit

At Kings farm, even the experienced riders who compete in equestrian sports ride under the supervision of an instructor to fine tune their skills. You will be assigned an instructor according to your skill level.
Yes, you can. We have dormitories & cottages which you can rent. We can make a Riding Stay package for you.
Typically, we ride every day except for Monday. You can call us and we will be more than happy to plan your riding sessions.
The unique membership we have at Kings farm is essential for all keen horse riders, whether aspiring or established. Whilst you do not have to be a member to ride with us, most of our weekly riders choose to do so. With your guaranteed riding slot, progress is swift through weekly sessions following a carefully structured development program with your designated coach. Also as a member you will benefit from a whopping +30% discount against non-member prices. The membership is designed to ensure our clients get the best possible value and customer care. By selecting a convenient slot for yourself on a set day at a set time ensures you receive the minimum requirement of one ride a week which is essential if to keep building upon fitness and retain muscle memory. Split the sessions further apart and you will lose heart due to slow progress and unnecessarily aching muscles. Through this dedicated weekly session we can then help you further by creating your own personal development program, with the assistance of your assigned coach, and if you are in a group membership you can be sure you will be riding with the same people, who will be of similar age and ability, each week. Then there is the careful selection of horses assigned to these known, designated sessions. Take away the membership and the first problem will be getting in, the second will be paying much more for a service that cannot provide the quality guaranteed through the membership – the right instructor, the right peer group, the right horses, a development program designed just for you. Without the membership, just becomes a single riding session of whatever can be achieved in that period, it has no future to aspire to
We have Weekend Riding Program. It is open to individuals and Families, riders & non-riders. For example, if a couple with their 4 yrs. old child wants to join but the husband does not want to ride and just wants to enjoy the farm and be with his family then he is charged only for lodging +food and the wife and child pay for the rides + lodging + food. The Rides start early morning on a Saturday/Sunday. Until evening the riders will do 6 rides of 25 mins each. After every ride there are posture corrections or lectures related to riding which make your learning curve much smaller. After a grueling entire day and after finding a rider in yourself, you will be heading home by evening 7pm.


We are a fully-equipped, friendly and active club offering riding lessons that are suitable for riders of all abilities, from complete beginners who have never ridden before up to international competition level. Our training covers dressage, jumping, hacking, with fantastic instructors who enjoy teaching us as much as we like to ride!

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